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Thought Experiments for Ascending Spirits: Volume I


is now for sale on Amazon as both an eBook and paper-back book!  Do you love reading the articles posted on The Source website and would like to own a polished copy on your hand-held device or a physical copy to put on your shelf and share with others?  Do you want to see more thought experiments and essays created and then thoughtfully compiled for you, the reader?

Support the author by exchanging value-for-value with this debut compilation of thought experiments. 

Thought experiments in this book can be found within the Elevation Articles page, and have been organized in a specific order to lay a foundation and then build up to more complex ideas about spirituality.

The eBook and hard copy versions can be found on Amazon for the following prices by clicking the links below:

eBook price is $2.99

Paper-back book is $6.99

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