Dissolution - A Free Form Poem Inspired by Interstellar - The Movie

[The following was written in an isolated environment while listening to the Interstellar Soundtrack.  If possible, I would recommend to play this soundtrack in the background while reading to add to the experience.


As a word of advice, when you scroll down to see the next written part, do so at a normal, regular scroll pace.  The purpose of the exaggerated spacing between text is to give the most recently read part time to settle in your mind and create a visual image.  Avoid feverish scrolling. The poem is meant to be read slowly, with thoughtfulness, and in relative tempo with the soundtrack. The reading pace for the entire poem doesn’t need to match the full length of the sound track, just the tempo of reading needs to match the relative tempo of the music.]






















































































































































































































































the sounds, the sounds of the rustle of cloth, which surrounds the bending of arms, of the oak...........








































































































Good morning ether.  You listen.  I speak.  You ponder.  I write.  You suppose.  I illustrate.  You neglect.  I exasperate.  You hold the line.  Slowly, I turn.  


Why do so many struggle to maintain that which is dissolving right in front of their very eyes.  You know the saying.  The only thing that is constant, is change.  A paradoxical statement if there ever was one.  So interesting, the paradox.  They're all around us.  Look up, look to your side, look towards your feet.  Look at your chest. Look at yourself.   You are a paradox.  And so is everything else.  

And that's precisely why nothing remains static.  Nothing lasts forever.  Nothing remains, unchanged by the elements, be they Earth, Wind, Water or Fire.  A paradox, .......is....




  1. a statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory.

    "a potentially serious conflict between quantum mechanics and the general theory of relativity known as the information paradox"

    • a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.

      "in a paradox, he has discovered that stepping back from his job has increased the rewards he gleans from it"

      synonyms:contradiction, contradiction in terms, self-contradiction, inconsistency,incongruity; More

    • a situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities.

      "the mingling of deciduous trees with elements of desert flora forms a fascinating ecological paradox"



And now.......lift your hand up, with the sand that represents all that you know, and blow.  Blow until there is no grain of sand left resting on your open palm, and what do you have?  An example of the truth, that everything is transitional.

What does a transitional existence imply?   Does it mean that life is fleeting, and novel, progressive?  Progressing into what, is a question that should be discussed, but, excuse me, let me draw your attention back to my original thesis.   Over here......

What does a transitional existence imply? 

It implies illusion.  What is an illusion?




  1. a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.

    "the illusion makes parallel lines seem to diverge by placing them on a zigzag-striped background"

    synonyms:mirage, hallucination, apparition, figment of the imagination, trick of the light, trompe l'oeil; More

    • a deceptive appearance or impression.

      "the illusion of family togetherness"

      synonyms:appearance, impression, semblance; More

    • a false idea or belief.

      "he had no illusions about the trouble she was in"


Illusion....... paradox........ Illusion........ paradox........ transitional..... impermanence........ these terms.

These terms when viewed from the right perspective, are very close cousins of one another.  

If one stands still, they notice that the world moves around.  Unimpeded.  Unhinged.  Unstoppable force.   Unforgiving.  

Definitely unforgiving.  

So if a person takes this into account, then all one has to do is to wait.  Be patient.  Be willing to weather the storm.  Be willing to stand up to the Sun.  Be permissive to the breeze on your face.  Be accepting of the symphony around them.  The Act of chaos reveals its masterpiece, and we are ... we are..........

In the center.  Waiting for the ......waiting........

For what is permanent to manifest.  To see that figure in the distance whom we know without trying.  To see their silhouette in the distance, with the sun at their back, with the dust of all that we had just previously thought was the bedrock of our known existence, swirling around.  Transition...





























































































































































Impermanent.  Like the breeze.  Why hold on to straws in the wind, when they are not meant to be grasped?

So, I let go.  Let go.  Let them all go.  Do not weep over their impermanence in my hand.  Looking down at a clenched fist, slowly...








Opening the thumb, and then the forefinger, and then the rest of the fingers in step like the unfolding of the petals in a flower.  




and there's........Nothing.  But a palm.  And I look up.  Back into the unending, always moving surrounding.  


Why hold on, to certain relationships, when the effort is so much greater to illicit a response in kind?  Does this question...Is this question mirrored back?  The situation begs the answer to the question, isn't it reciprocal?  So if it is, then why hasn't there been efforts received?  Questions received?

Because.........Because I'm BUSY!  AND I DON'T HAVE TIME!!!!


These things, these.....necessary things that make a person complete.  A person, whole.  They are missing from........

You wonder....You...or I, wonder, does DNA ever, over the course of billions of years, prune, itself?  Has it ever, self-purged?  Has it ever, "cut off it's own arm" in order to preserve more of the whole?  Because at least with an incomplete whole (there's the paradox again), the whole will push through and continue to exist.  

Perhaps,it is  much like excising a necrotic, metastasizing tumor.  It is of your DNA, but it is suddenly competing against you.  

So as we push through our own lives, do we find, or ever become aware of those things that are impermanent, and excise them from our attention?  There is always the duplicitous nature to preserve the self especially when the entities are completely aligned, yet distinct parts of the whole.  This is the illusion, the paradox.  That eventually, these two seemingly unified existences, which were once previously thought to be of a singular consciousness, a singular perspective, diverge, separate, and awareness sets in.

The self, against the self.   


Fucking EPIC MAN!
























Let the realization of that settle.  If you would.  That ............the ego, is holographic in a manner of speaking.  It's layered upon itself in order to conceal its multiple layers, in order to preserve itself, in order to protect itself.

Its multiple individualities.

Its multiple personalities.

Its multiple IDs











Its fractal.   And when the environment is right....it steps forward, and breaks the illusion of your perception of the entire world around and through you.  And brings down that almighty hammer, after you have already cowered in fear, after you have crouched with hands over head, after you have braced for impact, you sit there.  Waiting.  And when you think it's okay to look up......

When you think it's okay to stand up......and you stand up, and start looking around, and let the anxiety abate from your mind, and your heart begins to slow down its pace, when your breathing begins to shutter down a notch or three.........























































































and your perception.......























your perception..................































is no longer the same.  As they say, Humpty Dumpty can't be put back together again.




























The skin...is shed, and so emerges forth the continually renewing youth.






















And so that reality is now dissolved.  Again, efforts to preserve and maintain, to edify, to cast, to make permanent, are entirely futile.

The expectation.....



The expectation..... that alone in and of itself is the impermanent fixture that needs to be excised.




































And just as soon as that is dissolved, the emergence of something entirely novel ushers in to fill the void.  The surrounding-everything constantly seeking to sooth, and care for, and provide comfort to the void.  

And yet, the surrounding-everything never quite reaches the void.  The void......it being....unreachable.  Unobtainable.  Unsoothable.  This prisoner within the surrounding-everything.  Untouch.....



































Only ever recognized in a glancing manner because you know you're close to it when something goes out towards it, but nothing returns.  Nothing comes back.  No thing can, because it's the void.   It cannot be grasped.  No matter the effort, no matter the preconceived, pre-meditated plans and calculations to devise a rescue mission to make the attempt to retrieve the void. 



The shots....the initial probes, while always appearing to be so on the mark prior to launch, always,  impart, slowly, inevitably, impart the sense of disappointment as you watch the probe slowly veer off course and deflect to the perimeter, and then entirely off course.  Iteration, iteration, iteration, iteration, iteration, iteration.




and Over...



and Over.....



and Over...


and Over....


and Over.....


and Over...



and Over.....




the repetition over and over again, finally, slowly transfers the realization, first by a slim arc, and then by forceful and direct core penetration, that there is futility involved in trying to claim, in trying to grasp, in trying to own, in trying to embody, in trying to harness, in trying to capture, in trying to rescue, in trying to preserve, in trying to deliver from, in trying to liberate.............

that void, that does not, will not, and cannot recognize the multitude of efforts expended to do all of those things.  It is ........illusory.  It is



It is the paradox.





It is always changing




It is always evolving







It is always impermanent









And so, rather than make attempts to retrieve it, I will cease.  I will let go, and I will see what transpires.


I cannot engage in this self-referential cycle anymore.  I cannot permit myself to be caught up in insanity any longer.  I cannot allow my senses to be deceived any more.  I cannot engage in the illusion, when I know very well that the thumb is attached, when people are not actually sawed in half.
















































































Look up, put down mindless things, and let go of what you think is the permanent fixtures of your reality, and walk ever boldly towards the edge of the cliff.

Walk, and take the first step out over the edge, and pause for a brief moment to appreciate the view.





















MARVEL at its beauty.













A fabricated construct created to encapsulate you.  Amazing.  









All of this for you, all of this for me.  













And now, place, with confidence that first step over the edge, and plant your foot firmly down.  What happens?  

The everything surrounds you.  It puts earth under your feet.  






And WHAT was that?  The proof of the paradox.













Look down at yourself, and ask yourself, are you crying out because you are truly deserving of all of those things that you ask for?

And if you are, then stop striking your feet with the axe, stop looking down, and start looking up.  


Dissolve your relationships with your past.  They are no longer attached to you.  They are illusory.  They are impermanent.  They are ......not edifiable. 


The edifice is yourself.  You are the void.  And once you make this realization, you must accept this is your nature.  You are...in a manner of speaking a walking singularity.  An oddity of sorts.  A novelty.  An once something goes in, it's gone....or ....rearranged.  Not lost forever, , but 

re-composed.  Repurposed.  









Do not be afraid to be still.  Do not be afraid to be silent.  Do not be afraid to be removed.  Do not be afraid to listen to yourself.  




and watch what comes from within.  


Time ......to....
































































































It's time for the hologram to diverge again,

It's time for the nature of the thing to unfold again,

It's time for the next phase of novelty again,

It's time for the foundational bedrock to slip again,

It's time for the proof of the truth to prove itself again,

It's time for you to be a conscious being, to wake up, to take in your surroundings, to index what you have internally and externally, and to realize that your are not some lump on a log. 


You are an entity that has relevance, and you are the void that is the spark of which sets things into motion.  


There is power, inside.  There is strength, inside.  There is resilience, inside.  There is a core, unchanging, unchangeable, untouchable, unobtainable, unSTOPPABLE, 













































Stop trying to hold on to perfection.  And once you do that, you ACTIVATE perfection.

Perfection is not definable.

Perfection is not describable.

Perfection is illusory.

Perfection is a paradox.

Perfection is grander than you can imagine at the smallest scale.

Perfection is simpler than you can imagine at the most magnificent level.















Let go of the fear.  




Be dissolute.


You are where you are supposed to be right now.


You are where you need to be right now.


You are who you are supposed to be right now.


On this part, turn ON/off.