Event Horizon-Pupil Mashup


Black like obsidian.  The pupil of the eye.  Certainly, the mirror that reflected the apple from the Garden of Eden.   Isn't that what the expression, "You are the apple of my eye," means? I presume......maybe.  Let's suspend reality for a bit, and say that you were standing as Eve, facing the Tree of Knowledge.  The apple being that which is coveted, the state of knowing is that which is coveted, and I intentionally use that word covet.   To know is what is coveted

The pupil is the place where information goes, and no one really knows what happens from that point on.  Once it travels past the cornea, which would be analogous to the event horizon of a black hole, it's too late, and it's never coming back.  It goes in and doesn't come out.

From then, it smacks the center of a cone or rod in the eye.  Does it travel on as part of an electrical signal?  It must, something must happen to the photon.  It doesn't just disappear.  It becomes a part of you, and it oddly enough, that photon carries with it information.  Information of color of the environment around you.  I suppose if enough photons of a certain wavelength bounce back off something and fall into your eye, you get a picture of a solid object in your mind.  

You can walk up to that solid object, and with your hand which is nothing more than vibrating atoms, trace your fingers, dragging your fingertips across the surface of a rough and course brick wall.  You feel that, but what you're also feeling at an atomic level is that the brick wall's atoms are moving much faster at a frequency clearly different than that of your hand, which prevents your hand from falling through the wall.  They move back and forth, back and forth, perfectly in synchronization with each other as a lattice of atoms in a common formation, moving fast, and thereby creating this repulsive wall that doesn't permit the passage of your hand.  

There are things though that could conceivably penetrate walls and do.  Plants, fungi, moss, all sorts of things.  Somehow, even such solid walls cannot entirely prevent nature from finding a way through.  

So back to the photon, what happens to that photon?  The answer to that question I think would help greatly in understanding how the mind works.  If only you could somehow tag a photon with something that could be followed and recorded.  How would someone even go about doing that though?   Well I do not believe that is possible, to tag what is essentially just a 2-dimensional wave.  That is crux of knowing potentially why lies beyond the event horizon of a black hole.  Nothing as we know it can come out.  Things do come out, but not as they came in.  

Black holes are a funny thing, they could be equated to the pupil within space.  Who's pupil?  Ha! Isn't that the question!?

Recently a wonderful and intriguing thought came to mind, that the entire universe is a black hole.  That would sort of make sense wouldn't it?  Because you cannot get past the boundary of the edge of the known visible universe.  In the analogy, the edge of the universe would be the event horizon.  Let's take this idea further.

Scientists posit this idea that our universe is a black hole.  This article in National Geographic is one of many that talk about this.  From our perspective, it's rather big.  If this is the case, then what is the singularity of the Universe in which we live?  This supposedly infinitely dense point within the universe?  Is there such a thing?  Could it even perhaps be a person?   Why not think of such a concept?  An actual person being the singularity of a black hole, in which the environment has had time to change continuously.

Now, black holes as we know them, are rather hungry creatures.  They gobble up their surroundings.  Borrowing from that idea, it is possible that our universe, as a black hole, is centered in the middle of some galaxy that rests outside of itself, and new information or matter from the outside is pulled into it, but entirely reorganized, and perhaps not even in a detectable structure that we could observe or measure.  The universe is going to keep on growing and expanding, but rather than reaching a point in which all matter has spread out so much that everything essentially reaches a state that all of the atoms are spread out by themselves, what is coined as the "Big Freeze", I say no, that perhaps the universe continues to be fed matter from the outside, and our Black Hole Universe continues to grow because it's taking in new matter.  But while it's taking in new matter, it's deconstructing that matter into whatever its most basic and exotic elemental states may be.

So, if there is a person that serves as the singularity of an entire Universe, then what are other people?  Are they reflections of other universes pushed into the conscious singularity's environment via other black holes located throughout the galaxy and the universe at large?  Like some sort of holographic representation, with substance.  

What's the purpose of that then?  If this were a possibility?  Imagine that the entire universe from its outer edge membrane, pushes down with force and pressure upon itself into a center point via forces both relative and perhaps not yet detectable because we're talking about scales of size that we cannot possibly comprehend.  It all collapses somewhere, at some point, to a point, to a spark, to a consciousness.  The consciousness of the entire universe, who has no memory of itself, who walks and goes on through life as if that life were the only one that they were ever going to live.  Could that consciousness seemingly remember it origins, and its true nature of self?  If it can be conceived, then I am inclined to say yes, that the singularity could become aware of its place and remember.  

Such an existence could potentially be lonely.  It's a good thing there's a lot of other projections then of other black holes in the world with which to interact.  I think that the human mind must try to provide context of this environment we live within.  There is something else that we are a part of that has larger implication, which makes the goings and doings of our daily lives of a trivial nature overall, or not.  Our life destiny plays out precisely as it should, whether that experience from the center seat is glorious or horrendous, it's happening as it should.  

Think bigger.  Much like black dots (black hole) that are positioned to each other in just the right pattern, what does it make?  A collection of dots?  

With the right perspective, it makes you and me.  Our existence is holographic and transcends us to scales that cannot be thought about.  They must be experienced and felt through the heart.  This is the experience of moving into higher dimensions.  The 4th and 5th.  It is a transition that has an amazing light show.  Many are experiencing the transition now. We are the black hole singularities taking it all in and marveling at the masterful kinetic symphony that is literally happening before our very eyes.  Some can see it, and some do not, but we are at a stage where we are all feeling it.  Waves of energy are crashing upon the collective of humanities' consciousness.  Help those that are struggling if they are willing to ask and/or are willing to accept your help.  If they do not want your assistance, do not be offended.  They are not far enough on their journey, our journey to know they need help.  That is quite alright.  Do not be saddened.  Accept it and continue to move forward with the manifestation process.  Be kind to your brothers and sisters.  We’re all in this transition together.  And by all, I mean up to even all conscious entities within the multiverse.  Beyond our own shared perspective that we presently define as the Universe. 

Love to you all!

About the authorSean Akers is a researcher within many avenues in need of exploration. His passion is to discover and share the actual, real truth in order to catalyze the betterment, empowerment and mass self-actualization of love, compassion, empathy, remembrance, healing and humility to all conscious persons engaged in this experience we are collectively sharing through life. If you wish to contact him, please send an e-mail to sean@thesource.io His written materials and additional shared resources of inspiration can be found at http://www.thesource.io