Are You Your Ego, Or Are You Your Egos?


Who are you? 

Look in the mirror and you’ll see your face reflected back into your consciousness. 

Your eyes.

Your nose.

Your lips.

Your ears.

Your hair.

Your chin.

Your neck.

All of these part synthesize together into a multi-sensor biological organism that is part of the current Apex predator species on Earth. 

Are you, you?  Are you your name?  Are you the sum of your genetics and life experiences that gives rise to a unique personality?  Is that you?  Is your personality a singular expression of your life?  Is your personality unique and stands apart from the rest, or perhaps it blends in with the rest of your local civilization? 

I think most would say, yes, my personality is my ego.  My ego is what interacts with the world around me.  My ego is unique because there is only one perspective from my point of view.  My ego is myself, and I am a person, an individual, a singular living entity with conscious thought.  I am aware and awake, and I matter. 

Hey, good for you.  That’s awesome that you feel that way.  Most people do, like 99.9999999% of the population.  Probably more “9’s” are needed to make that assessment of like-minded thinkers more accurate, but you get my point.

Have you considered just the opposite though? 

“What is the opposite?  Uh oh, are we going down one of your crazy idea paths that have no basis in reality.  Like, no basis in reality.  At.  All? “

Hey, if you don’t like what I’m talking about, the you don’t have to read my essay.  In fact, most don’t.  I think I have one person that checks in on this blog with any regularity. 

“Just one?”

Yeah, just one.

“You’re bullshitting me.  You have a great website name and the ideas you talk about are really fascinating.  You must have tons of followers that check this site for your ideas.” 

No. I don’t.  And as far as I know, I have sold about 10 copies of my first book, and only one person has finished reading it from cover to cover.  All 120 pages that can be read in a couple hours. 

“Huh, well there’s a lot of books out there, Sean.  I mean, people probably won’t find it unless you promote it.”

Oh yeah, I know that.  I’m not expecting that people are going to rush to buy it and it’s going to take off from word of mouth.  I guess that I’m admitting that it hurts because there are people that I know personally, and they literally don’t want to read what I’m writing.  They love me very much, but the idea of settling down and reading about these ideas that come from my imagination is simply not alluring in any way. 

“Uhh, well…….I’m not certain what to say, Sean.”

Oh, it’s okay.  But do you see how you feel right now? 

“Huh?  What?  I feel fine.”

What I’m saying is that if you’re empathetic in any way, you feel my slight depression. 

“Oh, yeah, I feel somewhat sorry for you.”

Right.  Do you ever wake up, or ever feel bad for no reason?

“Maybe?  What are you trying to say?”

I’m saying that I had this amazing idea that came across my mind while listening to a radio show broadcast from podcast.  This intro bumper played a cover of a classic Tears for Fears song, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”  The cover is by the artist LORDE, and the song can be found on “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack.  I’ll preface of what I’m about to explain as perhaps similar to Multiple-Personality Disorder on steroids, but without the distinction of having unique sets of memories for each personality. 

First and foremost, what you’re experiencing as life is a simulation.  I’m not saying life isn’t real, and that if you walk in front of a moving car that you won’t be seriously harmed and even killed.  I’m saying that this is the most advanced technology in play right now, and your life is a simulation, and your body is an avatar.  There are multiple people who are experiencing you right now at the same time.  Most of the time they are relatively equal in terms of how much time they get to control the avatar.  Sometimes, I surmise, one of the players pays a little more money (or whatever it is they use to exchange value for value) and they can hi-jack your body for an extended period. 


Having said that, that sounds a lot like possession.  Demonic possession?  What does it matter really? It’s just possession because all other players are locked out from being able to input their commands, and then shit turns sideways. 

Jump back to original idea though, in that your body is an avatar, and it’s being experienced and controlled by multiple people.  Perhaps, thousands.  Perhaps millions.  Perhaps, every point outside of your body/skin, is experiencing this immersion into your perspective.   The entire Universe, minus your body, is experiencing your simulation inside of your avatar.  The entire Universe is making decisions about what you say, what you experience, what you do, what you eat, when you use the bathroom, etc. etc. etc.

You are not in control.  You think you’re in control, but you’re not.  In fact, your not really having an experience.  You are a conglomeration of multiple experiences occurring in a massive parallel construct.  When I say “multiple,” I mean too many to count or put a number towards  Its the entire Universe, minus your body.  A lot. 

Does that mean that you’re not experiencing “free-will?”  Maybe.  Maybe free-will is an illusion so that people who are conscious of having a bodily human experience won’t freak out and panic.  If you can pacify the masses with a lie, then you can control them with relative ease. 

If a group had this realization that they are not their Ego, that they are a massive collection of Egos inside a singular body, then that might be problematic in terms of how they fit into present day society.  People would be looking at each other in very paranoid ways, like they’re surrounded by aliens.  And honestly, they’re right. 

What is a person?  A person is a body with organs on the inside that create a mechanism through which consciousness can attach to and interact with the material world.  It’s not a single thing though.  It’s made of trillions of cells.  What is a cell?  A cell is a “body” of sorts that have organelles on the inside that create a mechanism through which some level of consciousness can attach to and interact with the material world. Now, it would be a rather odd perspective from that of a single cells, but it’s a level of reality that exists regardless of whether we are immersed in it or not.  We could with VR I guess, and I think there are some games out there for Playstation VR or Occulus would provide that simulation immersion experience.  You can also control the experience as well.  Interesting huh?

Sort of gives weight to the idea that what I’m talking about, your body being just an avatar that is being experienced by untold numbers of entities experiencing existence from your perspective.  You think you’re in control because you are self aware, but you’re really just along for the ride.  You’ve not even really in control of what you say.  Maybe what you think is truly original and is something you could call your own, but I’m inclined think that your thoughts are akin to a computer just processing information before an answer can be derived.  Processing a command or equation is the equivalent of your thoughts that float through your mind each day. 

So if you’re having a bad day, or you are feeling depressed, I would suggest a few things.

  1. It’s temporary and will eventually go away.

  2. It’s not your fault. 

  3. Send an expression into the Universe that you want the gamers of your life to stop doing stupid shit and to make choices that lead to better outcomes. 

  4. Breathe. 

Now, there are monitors of the gamers that are experiencing  your life.  Generally speaking, they let the gamers do whatever they want, within reason.  Even that idea is probably incorrect given the level of weirdness and sick stuff that goes on in the world.  But, in general, the monitors will enforce game updates so as to reduce the burden of stress, agony, and feelings like your a worthless human being.  While these are feelings that are felt from time to time, overcompensation is not desirable, and the monitors know this.

So, when is the game going to end?  Here it is, 2019, and EVERYONE is saying that something is going to happen.   It’s a buzz in the air.   There is an expectation of an unveiling of some sort, but the reveal is unknown.  Are the monitors going to hit the reset button on the VR experience to load another game entirely?  Who knows, but again, just enjoy the ride.  There are a lot of people having fun with you and your body. 

From this point forward though, put the expectation out there that you require of the gamers a much higher standard of living, better more positive experiences, and excitement that doesn’t portend towards drama.    If you’re not in control, then you should exercise the option that in order to experience your bodily avatar, the price of access should border on being expensive for the gamers to use, so as to prevent abuse. 

Stay classy.


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